2018 He-Man Canoe Trip Registration Form


Please join us on the 35th He-Man canoe trip. We are doing the Turtle Flambeau route this year. Also doing the traditional T-shirt this year.

This is an invitation only trip. If you have not gone before, you must be sponsored by a previous participant. The understanding is that a if a Rookie (first year He-Man) wimps out during the trip, the sponsor is responsible to paddle your sorry body for the rest of the trip.

The 35th annual He-Man will be held Memorial weekend, May 25th to the 28th. We will be meeting Friday night at the Roloff's cabins and heading out early Saturday morning. To reserve your spot on this fun (men only) trip, fill out the registration form below. Please enter your registration by May 13th (mother's day). The cost of the trip is $30.00 plus food that you will be assigned to bring.

You can see who is registered or answers from last year.

Evan Allen- 2016

T-Shirt Size

2018 Questions (humorous answers please)

1) Dave, Ron, and Boyd made a controversial ruling in deciding the He-Man of the year by not giving it to Jessie. Jessie Greenawald cut the back of his leg at Stephenson Creek culvert, requiring him to get 5 stitches at Woodruff clinic. He toughed it out and rejoined the trip. Because he couldn't get his stiches wet he did not participate in the Crazy Beaver Island Race or the Lake Swim - disqualifying him from He-Man of the year. Do you agree with this ruling?
2) A first on last year's He-Man was that we had a wood strip canoe. Rob Brault brought his along and paddled it with Doug. They won the Crazy Beaver Island race with it, but damaged the canoe quite a bit. Then just below Boulder Lake rapids, they get a severe gash requiring extensive duck tape repair. They had to be extra careful the rest of the trip. If Rob brings his wood strip canoe again, would you be willing to canoe with him?
3) In 2017 we had a bonus in terms of distance on Sunday. The campsite at Lower Gresham Lake was taken so we had to paddle up Gresham creek to Middle Gresham Lake campsite. The Turtle Flambeau route that we are taking this year has an even a higher probability of one of our regular campsites being taken. What could we do to make sure we get our favorite campsites?
4) Some unsportsman like conduct occurred during the Lake Race. Dave as usual started well behind everyone else with his partner Matt. They worked extremely hard to pass 4 of the 6 other canoes on the Boulder Lake. Upon entering the river they were going to pass Boyd and Alan, but they purposely rammed and stopped Dave and Matt's canoe so that Jessie and Zach could win the race. What response do you have to what Boyd and Alan did?